Copyright claims

If you’re a content owner who has been ripped off by Gabriel Daniels, you have a couple of options…

DMCA Takedown

Since starting to out Gabriel Daniels’ vast array of plagiarism, most of his websites and social media have been shut down. If you find your material is still “live” on one of his websites or social media accounts, you should do a DMCA Takedown to have your material removed.

This stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and allows for you to file a “Takedown Request” with a website host. The request process is quick – they often have a simple online form – and our experience is that hosts generally remove the infringing content within a day or two. If the host wants the DMCA Takedown by email, there are literally thousands of short, copy-paste templates on the web.

Word of warning: Daniels has included wording on websites in the past, to the effect that you should file DMCA requests directly with him. Don’t do it. This is simply an attempt to stop DMCA Takedown Requests from being lodged with his hosts, and his accounts being suspended.

Legal action

If you decide to take legal action against Gabriel Daniels, civil and/or criminal penalties could apply. Click here for information on US Copyright Law (Daniels is in the US).

In particular, you will be interested in…

Whether you want to pursue a legal remedy is entirely up to you, but be sure you get legal advice from a specialist copyright lawyer. If you go down that track, we’d love to know about it, and we’re happy to share any pertinent background material. You can drop us a line on paramonosplagiarism at gmail dot com.

One other word of note, if Daniels threatens you in any way (he threatened us), you need to report it to the authorities. The last address we have for Daniels is in Greer, South Carolina. The Greer Police Department can be contacted through their website.





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